Sunday, September 8

11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

Leadership Connection Lunch (Leadership Session)
11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Inside Politics (Leadership Session)
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
Presenters: Brian Kandler, Government Relations and Regulatory Advisor with Honigman LLP; Chris Andresen, Vice President, Grayling; Beth LeBlanc, Capitol Reporter, The Detroit News 
Moderator: Edythe Copeland, Chief Executive Officer Capital Area Michigan Works!

Workshops Round 1
1:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Closing the Career GAP– A Better Job, A Better Life
In today's workforce, skills are the new currency and bargaining chip. What a person has to offer in a job is not determined by education, degree, or a job title, but by ALL the skills he or she brings to the table. Help individuals move beyond simple career aspirations to create a working career map that will lead to their dream job. Learn how to identify the gaps between a target job and current skills, then strategically use education, training, activities, community service and jobs to create a personal path to the ideal career.
Presenter: Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D., President, Learnovation LLC

Energizing the Conversation about Professional Trades
Michigan has a big job to do – to fill 545,000 jobs in Professional Trades through 2026.   This will take a new level of innovation, education and collaboration to fuel our talent pipeline. The Talent and Economic Development (TED) Department of Michigan will share its plan to inspire a new way of thinking about Professional Trades career opportunities. The new Going PRO in Michigan campaign will elevate the importance of Professional Trades as viable, marketable and rewarding careers – challenging old misconceptions head-on. Hear about innovative strategies to generate attention of this vital conversation – getting people going in a new direction. 
Presenters: Sammy Lukaskiewicz, Deputy Director, Marketing and Strategy, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity; Erica Quealy, Communications Director, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Leveraging Data for Successful Career Outcomes: New Products from LMISI
This session will introduce attendees to a broad range of new products available from the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives. Attendees will engage with bureau researchers regarding key takeaways from a new job vacancy survey of Michigan employers, learn about the latest regional employment projections and in-demand jobs, and be introduced to the bureau’s newest online tools.
Presenters: Scott Powell, Director of Research for the SOM Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives and Catherine Closner, Economic Analyst – SOM; Ruth Archer, Economic Analyst, State of Michigan-DTMB; Evan Linskey, Economic Analyst, State of Michigan-DTMB,

No Wrong Door to Training and Employment
Grand Rapids Community College, West Michigan Works! and several other community-based organizations have teamed up to help at least 1,000 job seekers access training and employment in the healthcare industry through the America’s Promise Grant. Learn how the team’s “no wrong door approach” and shared intake and career coaching process has helped them far exceed the grant goals while providing wraparound support for the people served. This best practice approach has created sustainable partnerships to serve individuals that will live beyond the life of the grant.
Presenters: David Lovell, Program Manager, Grand Rapids Community College; Jessica Reinsch, Policy Coordinator, West Michigan Works!; Tory Bol, Business Solutions Representative, West Michigan Works!

Post-Traumatic Stress and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in the Workplace
With the increased interest in attracting armed forces veteran talent to the workforce, many employers have questions and concerns about post-traumatic stress (PTS) and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in the workplace. This session will provide information, dispel myths and give you the tools to work with employers to create a better workplace environment for this talent pool.
Presenters: David Dunkel, Strategy Specialist, Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency; Randy Leffel, Strategy Analyst, Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

Standards of Service
The workforce system and its programs are ever-changing. We need to adapt with them AND make sure we are compliant.  Sure, we have policy, emails about policy, hall conversations, etc... but how do you ensure that staff really know what they need to do?  How do you ensure staff are trained quickly and efficiently? Process Maps and Work Instructions are an easy, no-nonsense way to put policy into action, tailor it to your agency's needs, and make sure everyone has access to the right information.  Learn how to create easy-to-access-and-understand tools to ensure staff meet a standard of service, as well as a way to track best practices. (PS- they work great for program monitoring.)
Presenters: Natasha Allen, COO, Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium; Tawnee Hadd, MIS Manager, Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium; Anna Hetherington, Career Transition Coordinator, Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium; and Robert Caillier, Deputy Director at Region 7B Employment and Training Consortium

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area Break 
2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Annual Meeting with Special Guest (Leadership Session)
3:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Workshops Round 2
3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

TEN in 30 (session ends at 3:45 p.m.)
Active Shooter Response and Awareness Training
Run, Hide, Fight. These three actions have not always been normal workplace procedure, but with the current attention on shooting events in schools and the workplace, these are precautions that every professional needs to know and practice. Join a 30-year veteran of the police force who has over 20 years providing Active Shooter Response and Preparedness training. We think it won’t happen to us, but let’s make sure we are prepared if it does.
​Presenter: Frank Peña, Safety and Security Manager, Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center

Apprenticeship Best Practices-Serving Employers in Non-Traditional Occupations
Join Northwest Michigan Works! as they share innovative strategies for developing non-traditional registered apprenticeship (RA) programs.  Presenters will explore the distinct challenges, best practices and successful methods for increasing RA opportunities in occupations that are often thought of as non-traditional apprenticeships trades. The discussion will include how employer outreach methods, the value of sponsorship and braided funding impacts the successful development of registered apprenticeships for smaller businesses with limited resources. Attendees will also learn strategies for developing work processes, related technical instruction and RA program management.
Presenters: Evelyn Szpliet, Manager of Apprenticeships and Business Resource Networks, Northwest Michigan Works!

Hi! My Name is BRN.  It’s Nice to Meet You (Panel)
Business Resource Networks (BRNs) are experiencing a growth cycle and have produced opportunities for success at the local level. But there are challenges, too. Hear from a panel of Michigan Works! professionals who have experienced both the triumphs and tribulations around starting and running a successful BRN. They will share their insights on how to set up a BRN in different areas; strategies that have worked and those that haven’t; plans for continued growth; best practices regarding services; and how working with different funding sources has impacted their success.
Presenters: Collin Mays, Program Coordinator, SEMCA; Vicky Stickler, Talent Coordinator, Michigan Works! Region 7B; Duane Berger, Senior Director of Business & Innovation, Kinexus Group; Sandy Vallance, Program Manager for Michigan Works! SE; Kim Gager, Deputy Director for Michigan Works! West Central.
Moderator: Natasha Allen, Chief Operating Officer for Michigan Works! Region 7B

Laser Coaching to Reduce Workplace Burnout
Laser coaching sessions are target-focused customer engagements that help clients gain more clarity, rise above their fears, commit to an action plan and be held accountable for their results. Short sessions are not the goal of laser coaching, but the byproduct of effective and efficient coaching. Because of the focused intervention of laser coaching, staff coaches can feel more confident and prepared to have meaningful coaching conversations. Learn how, by focusing on the conversation and not a coaching suggested outcome, coaches are less likely to get tripped up client variables and barriers, making for an easier intervention that requires less bandwidth from the coach to implement.
Presenter: Maralina L. Allen, Employability Skills Instructor, Employment & Training Designs, Inc.

O*NET Based Job Analysis to Determine Employer Requirements.
What skills do employers need? Many times, when workforce professionals ask employers for specific job requirements, they are unsure how to answer. The HireReach team used job analysis to help employers define the competencies related to job performance. The O*NET-Based Confirmatory Job Analysis engages subject matter experts to confirm or edit O*NET-based occupational competencies, tools and technologies, and foundational competencies. Attend this session to learn how to use O*NET information to help employers accurately and efficiently define and communicate their needs.
Presenters: Rachel Cleveland-Holton, Technical Consultant HireReach and Marlene Brostrom, Consultant from HireReach.

OSMIS / WIOA Performance Reporting
Does your role include navigating the One Stop Management Information System’s for WIOA Performance Measures?  Do you need to know how performance measures are calculated and what OSMIS data fields Michigan reports to USDOL on behalf of your MWA?  If so, please join us for an overview of how WIOA Performance Measure data fields are collected and calculated in OSMIS.  This session will offer summaries of the WIOA Performance Measures and provide OSMIS users tools, tips and tricks on identifying data fields that drive performance measures.  Topics include the ‘Negative Performance Report’, ‘ETA Performance Reports’, ‘Performance Measure Summary’ and the ‘PIRL Administrative Utility’.
Presenters: Paula Eklund, OSMIS Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development; Matt Shields, Manager – Data & Performance Reporting, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development

OUTSHINE! Teaching In-Demand Not-So-Soft Skills
Soft skills are everything! Ask any employer. People are hired, retained, and promoted for these vital skills. Based on frontline experience with job seekers and businesses, this session shares practical lessons on why, what, and how to teach not-so-soft skills. Attendees will learn the top 10 competencies employers want in job seekers and employees, how to teach soft skills quick and make them stick, and how to support local businesses and generate funding by teaching soft skills to employees. Looking to create or improve your soft skills program? Join us!
Presenters: Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park, Trainer, The Workplace Excellence Team; Sharis Reeves, Trainer, GST Michigan Works!

Featured Session
3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Future of Work
The workplace is evolving, and employees must be aware of the emerging expectations from the workforce community. Currently, a shift is happening, where specialists are on the way out and generalists are on the way in. Are skills are valued over degrees, or will skilled workers be forced out due to automation? Is breadth over depth preferred, or is there still room in the field for specialized employees? How does this affect workforce training practices, and what is the benefit to the employers and current/prospective employees? Witness a friendly debate between two industry experts as they discuss the Future of Work.
Presenters: Jason Palmer, State Bureau Administrator for Department of Technology, Management and Budget; Lou Glazer, President, Michigan Future Inc.

Ten in 30
4:00 p.m.– 4:30 p.m.

Takeaways from 7 Innovation Projects in 7 States
Join Public Policy Associates, Inc. as they share lessons of innovative programming and systems change efforts from across the country. Based on multi-year, comprehensive evaluations of Workforce Innovation Fund grant projects, the presenters will share insights about what led to positive outcomes for job seekers and agencies.  Get ready to get real about what it takes to shift the status quo.
Presenters: Colleen Graber, President, Public Policy Associates, Inc.; David McConnell, Vice President, Public Policy Associates, Inc.

Opening Reception – Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum
6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 
Bus transport begins at 5:45 (last group, 9:30!). This world-class aerospace and science center features rare aircrafts and interactive exhibits. Network and try your hand at activities including the MaxFlight simulator, balloon race or take a ride on the ferris wheel. Salute to Heroes will air during the event in the Air Zoo theater. This highly emotive piece depicts a daring bombing raid by a group of young men during World War II aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress, The Kalamazoo Gal. Using computer animation combined with real life actors, the film is a true epic and honorific reflection of a WWII combat mission.

Light bites, cash bar – don’t forget your drink ticket!


Monday, September 9

Continental Breakfast
7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Thinking Outside the Box: Seeing What's Possible

Everyone wants us to think outside the box, but very few people show us how. As a magician/mentalist, Michael Karl makes his living by thinking differently and making the impossible possible. Michael will both demonstrate his magic and reverse engineer his illusions to help you rethink your everyday problem solving. This session will enhance your thinking, shift your perspective, and shed new light on what is possible, all helping you to actually think outside the box.
Keynote Speaker: Michael Karl 
8:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area
9:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area Coffee Break
9:45 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Workshops Round 3 – Great Practice Showcase
10:15  a.m.- 11:30 a.m.

Amplify the Best Parts of You
If you want others to truly see what you are capable of, you need to learn how to show it and communicate it with clarity. How many opportunities are you leaving on the table?  How much more could you achieve if you communicated with your full potential?  Discover the skills needed to amplify the best parts of you and get your message across with precision.  Become a better leader and influencer in your community.  You are only as good as you can communicate.
Presenter: Michael Karl, Owner, Michael Karl Magic

Apprenticeship 101: An Introduction to Apprenticeships for Tomorrow's Workforce
Introducing an interactive, engaging, age appropriate program, designed to promote knowledge of Registered Apprenticeships, career pathways, high demand/wage occupations and post-secondary training options. Piloted in Macomb County during National Apprenticeship Week 2018, the program was delivered to over 500 high school junior/seniors. Survey results showed increased knowledge and interest from participating students. Presenters from Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works!, Michigan State University and Macomb Intermediate School District will share details of this program and how it can benefit students in your region.
Presenters: Kristie Kabacinski, Apprenticeship Success Coordinator/Talent Specialist; Macomb/St. Clair Workforce Development Board; Karen Helfrick, Business Account Manager, Macomb/St. Clair Employment and Training Agency; Paige McCormick, Business Account Manager, Macomb/St. Clair Employment and Training Agency; Kathy Jamieson, Extension Educator, Children and Youth Institute, Michigan State University Extension; Shannon Williams, CTE Consultant for Kent ISD.

Finding Creative Volunteer Opportunities for Restricted Clients
Have you ever encountered difficulty in finding volunteer placements for program clients to complete required participation hours? If so, join us to share ideas and discuss problems and solutions! The session will focus on working with clients who have criminal history records, limited or no English language fluency or medical restrictions (or more than one of these). Learn strategies to network with community partners in your area, key questions to ask and important things to look for to make your client successful and your partnerships healthy. 
Presenter: Bridget Ferrigan, PATH Community Liaison, Capital Area Michigan Works!/Peckham, Inc.

Future Skills: Preparing for the Future World of Work
Labor shortages in almost every industry; populations that are disconnected from opportunities; lack of support for individuals with employment barriers; and limited emphasis on career readiness has resulted in a misalignment of skills for available jobs. These require a transformation of our Talent Development System to meet the needs of employers and individuals, and also address the challenges created by technological advances, business trends and demographic changes. Hear about the recommendations and strategies developed by the SEMCOG/MAC Future Skills Task Force for preparing Southeast Michigan’s current and future workforce for the changing world of work and supporting regional economic growth. 
Presenters: Naheed Huq, Manager of Talent and Economic Development, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), Gregory Pitoniak, CEO, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!l; Jennifer Llewellyn, Manager, Oakland County Workforce Development, Oakland County Michigan Works!

Goal4 It!™A Science Informed Approach to Achieving Economic Independence
Michigan Works! Southwest in partnership with Mathematica Policy Research, has embarked on a research-informed change process in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas. In October 2018, Michigan Works! Southwest rolled out Goal4 It!™, a nationally recognized promising practice developed by Mathematica. Join us for a deeper dive on this model that draws upon the science of self-regulation and goal achievement to activate a customer’s motivation and commitment to change and, in turn, improve sustainable work and life outcomes.
Presenters: Dallas Oberlee, Program Director, Michigan Works! Southwest/W.E. Upjohn Institute; Stefanie Peters, Manager, KRESA/YOU

Going Pro ILC - Successful Coordination
Join Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium Business Solutions Staff and partners as they present the framework on how to identify common training needs among multiple employers conducive to their needs; collaboration with educators to provide and/or build customized programs for specific training needs; coordination of training logistics including dates, times, location, etc. favorable for all participants; and impact of an ILC training upon completion. Learn more this approach and how training issues may be handled more efficiently through multi-company ILC training programs.
Presenters: Collin Hoffmeyer, Business Solutions Manager, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium; Alayne Hansen, Business Solutions Professional, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium; Donna LaCourt, Economic/Community Development Specialist, Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development; Jessica Mika, Human Resources Manager, Weyerhaeuser; John Metts, Human Resources Manager, Springs Window Fashions; Kathleen Fox, Workforce Director, Kirtland Community College 

Overcoming Barriers in Rural Counties
Rural counties face unique challenges when it comes to workforce development as both opportunities and resources may be scarce.  Find out how organizations in rural areas can join forces to face those challenges and help individuals reach prosperity.  Learn how to leverage existing relationships through collaboration to provide the best experience to your community and people facing barriers.  We may not be rich in resources, but we are relationship rich!
Presenters: Abby Stalker, Talent Solutions Manager, West Michigan Works!; Terri Legg, Executive Director, Montcalm Ionia United Way

Serving Veterans through Outreach, Networking and Individualized Service Delivery
Veterans leave military service with the skills and abilities sought after by employers. However, connecting veterans to job opportunities can be challenging. Key to overcoming these challenges is the creation of welcoming job search environments that also offer access to local, regional and state-level veteran-focused resources. Hear from a U.S. military veteran and workforce development professional as they share their best practices for creative veteran outreach activities, building strong service provider networks and the importance of developing individualize veteran-friendly service strategies. 
PresentersMarty Scarbrough, Career Facilitator, Northwest Michigan Works!; Brandon Corbin, Veteran Outreach Specialist, Northwest Michigan Works!

STAR Program - Making Connections
Strategies That Achieve Results (STAR) is a locally designed program that provides face-to-face connection between Michigan Works! customers and service providers in the community. The program includes a series of weekly modules that focus on customer-identified challenges to self-sufficiency and provides a forum for peer networking around key employment components. Learn how the STAR program community collaboration model can positively impact shared customers, helping them transition out of hardship and towards prosperity.
Presenters: Misty Shulters, Service Center Manager, Michigan Works! Southeast; Doug Jedele, Career Advisor, Michigan Works! Southeast

Ten in 30
11:00 – 11:30

Idea Challenge- Shark Tank Style
We can always do things better, right?  So how do we do it? We ask those that are doing the work for their ideas and help them to implement them... Shark Tank Style!  We want to grow our staff and their abilities, right?  So how do we do it?  We create a safe space to try out a new idea with no repercussion for failure.... Shark Tank Style! Find out how to get great ideas from your staff while helping them become better employees, co-workers … and have fun doing it.   
Presenters: Natasha Allen, COO, Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium; Marv Pichia, Owner, Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

LUNCH SESSION: Keynote Speaker Beth Ziesenis and Awards Presentation
11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area Dessert Break
1:15 p.m. – 2:00  p.m.

Feature Panel Session
2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Workshops Round 4
2:00 – 3:15

29 Tech Tools to Create Cool Content for Social Media

The most popular posts on social media are pictures and videos, and with a few easy (and free!) tech tools, you can transform your messages into share-worthy graphics that will put your organization out in front. This action-packed session will give you dozens of sites and apps that will help you elevate the quality of your social media posts and other material. Make professional-level multimedia pieces in less than two minutes, add depth and interest to your boring social media posts, transform ordinary photos into works of art, and create infographics for little or no cost!
Presenter: Beth Ziesnenis, Author, Speaker, Nerd, Your Nerdy Best Friend

Building Talent Pipelines
We currently have a record number of unfilled positions in the United States.  As companies struggle to find talent, they'll need to become highly effective at building their own talent pipeline.  This presentation discusses current job market trends and statistics, identifies who will win the war for talent and why they will win, then provides practical tools companies should use to build their own internal and external talent pipelines. 
Presenter: Jim Bitterle, Managing Partner, EDSI

Credential Transparency
Making decisions about credentials—what skills and competencies students learn, what value they have in the labor market and how they connect within career paths—is challenging and confusing to students, workers, veterans, employers and policymakers. This workshop will demonstrate how Michigan’s commitment to transparent credential data can improve access to opportunity, increase accountability, tackle affordability, and meet employer needs. Attendees will participate in a dialogue to better understand the value proposition for Michigan commitment to credential transparency.
Presenters: Marcia Black-Watson, Division Administrator, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity; Jeni Spaulding, Departmental Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

DETOUR: Mobility and Transportation - Constructing Strong Talent Pathways
Join our panel of experts as they examine mobility, Michigan’s transportation infrastructure and what it’s going to take to fix the problems that exist.  Panelists will address how Michigan's 40 years of disinvestment in the roads have put us in a time of crisis, but also of great opportunity for workforce growth and mobility innovation. Skilled jobs are on the rise in this area and long-term funding from the State can help take us into the next wave of training.  But what is being done now to prepare for that growth? What does the workforce look like that will take us where we need to be? And how will technology fit into the equation? You won't want to miss the discussion on mobility and transportation with the industry's experts.
Presenters: John Hiltz, President, OHM Advisors; Tony Kratofil, Chief Engineer and Chief Operating Officer, Michigan Department of Transportation; Lee Graham, Executive Director of Labor Management, Operating Engineers Local 324; Jessica Robinson, Executive Director of the Michigan Mobility Institute; Trevor Paul, Senior Vice President, Business Innovation, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Diary of a Positive Deviant: Influence without Authority
There is increasing enthusiasm for Positive Organizational Psychology and its potential for maximizing employee engagement and organizational thriving. Generously intended, the concepts often evolve into top-down strategies hoping to elicit bottom-up engagement.  It is alternatively possible for these same principles to directly engage and empower those with lower authority. Jennifer Evans, M.Ed. is a positive deviant whose contributions at University of Michigan Ross School of Business exemplified the possibilities in this approach. Her story explores how you can become positive deviant, support it in others and use it to build a positive culture—from the bottom up.
Presenter: Jennifer Evans, Founder and Director, Positive Deviance Lab

Disability Fact or Fiction: Navigating Disability throughout the Talent Cycle
Join us for a frank and open discussion about the hidden biases, fears and apprehensions that impact the ability to hire and retain qualified talent. The presenters will explore best practices for etiquette and language to foster an inclusive and diverse workplace culture and identify resources that are readily available to support your business. This session will provide attendees with strategies to empower HR and supervisory staff to navigate the interactive process effectively.
Presenters: Gary Holik, Business Relations Consultant, Michigan Rehabilitation Services; Claudette Reid-Stork, Occupational Therapist, Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS); Tonia Peterson, Program Manager, LEO-MRS

Understanding the Entrepreneurship Network in Southeast Michigan
Join us for an overview of the referral networks within the entrepreneurship system in greater Southeastern Michigan. Representatives from WIN will share analysis that includes both network maps and qualitative research. Overall, this entrepreneurship system social network analysis session will demonstrate not only the resources available to entrepreneurs, but how these resources may be used to best coordinate and catalyze the various phases of innovation and entrepreneurship development across greater Southeastern Michigan.
PresentersMichelle Wein, Senior Research Manager, Workforce Intelligence Network; Karley Thurston, Research Analyst, Workforce Intelligence Network

Welcome 2 The Jungle
Any leader knows that an organization is only as good as the people it employs. As an organization scales, this becomes more complicated than simply "hire the best people". The best teams are balanced, empathic towards one another, accountable and open. There are four animals that run any workplace: a lion, a flamingo, a chameleon and a turtle! And each of them does things differently.  Join this session to learn how each one operates, communicates and works. You might find out that your over-bearing personality can be used as a strength or the fact that you’re indecisive actually means you're adaptable.
Presenter: Jesse Ross, Director of Special Projects, The Minneapolis Foundation

WIOA Title I Program Review Overview, Best Practices and Opportunities
This session will highlight lessons learned from the implementation of WIOA Title I Comprehensive Programmatic Reviews. A quick overview of the review process and tools used will be followed by an in-depth view of best practices identified by reviewers and common opportunities for improvement.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.
Presenter: Chelsea Mates, Youth Services Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Ten in 30
2:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

No One Is Unemployable... Still! Keys for Your Toughest Clients
The unemployment rate is down. Employers need workers and are willing to hire people they wouldn't have just a few years ago. Yet there are still people who are unemployed. This session, led by the co-author of 'No One Is Unemployable' offers current, powerful lessons to help job seekers with tough barriers such as convictions, poor work history, lacking education and more. Come stretch your thinking and build your creativity so you can honestly and practically help your toughest clients succeed in careers.
Presenter: Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park, Trainer, WorkNet Solutions

Partner Showcase Exhibit Area Salty Snack Break
3:15 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Workshops Round 5
3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Addressing Challenges to Re-Entry Using WIOA II Partners
This session will explore how Michigan Works! has partnered with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department and Washtenaw Intermediate School District to reduce the barriers between jail services and entry into employment. The strategies employed include WIOA Partnerships, case management self-efficacy and Michigan Works! services. Don’t miss this opportunity to see change in action and learn how you might duplicate this program locally.
Presenters: Herb Fluker, Career Advisor, Michigan Works! Southeast; Jennifer Monahan, Youth Transitions and Truancy Manager, Washtenaw Intermediate School District

Coaching and Engagement Strategies
The Job Search Assistance pilot was designed to examine the extent to which goal-oriented coaching can help Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) customers secure and sustain employment and reduce their dependency on public assistance.  The pilot was administered in two counties in Wayne County through Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!, and in Genesee Country through GST Michigan Works!.  The study was commissioned by the Administration of Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services.  SEMCA, GST and Prosperity Agenda will share their experience and outcomes.
Presenters: Daniel Martinez, Workforce Development Manager, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!; Charmarrah Banton, Workforce Development Coordinator, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!; Sylvia Raskin, Manager, Prosperity Agenda; Mary Lorah-Hammond, Grant and Program Administrator, GST Michigan Works!; Tamara Bell, Analyst, Dislocated Services Section, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Developing a Career Mindset & Vision for Prosperity: Apprenticeship Readiness Training
This session will detail a community-supported collaboration by Michigan Works! Southwest, Michigan HRDI, LINC, Y.O.U., United Way and West Michigan Construction Alliance designed to identify and overcome barriers of job seekers looking for a long-term career in the construction trades. Candidates were selected through a multi-step process for an intensive 360-hour apprenticeship readiness program. The presentation will discuss the process of recruitment and building community partnerships, as well as the construction trades crafts, apprenticeship process and a student’s perspective on the program.  Attendees will gain a full understanding of how to apply to the construction trades and what skill level is needed; how to build a pathway for job seekers to enter the construction trades; and how to encourage job seekers to develop a vision for a long-term career.
Presenters: Sam Dougherty, Vision for Prosperity Coordinator, Business Services, Career Coach, Michigan Works! Southwest; Ken Wilcutt, Business Manager, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 357; Kiwarn Hunt, Student/Apprentice, Vision for Prosperity; Hugh Coward, President/Treasurer, West Michigan Construction Alliance

Financial Coaching in American Job Centers
Financial coaching has become increasingly prevalent in social service and higher education settings as a way of helping individuals gain greater stability.  The presenters will share 10 takeaways from the study of the first initiative to apply a financial coaching model in American Job Centers.  The Virginia Financial Success Network project covering eight workforce areas will offer considerations for the design of future programs.
Presenters: Colleen Graber, President, Public Policy Associates, Inc.; David McConnell, Vice President, Public Policy Associates, Inc.

How to Tame Trolls
There are angry people in the world. We find them everywhere; in our workplaces, our personal lives, in public places, and sometimes even in our heads! Negative thoughts, people, and situations can affect our health and well-being. This session will take a humorous, but educational look at how to tame the trolls that try to rent space in our brains.
Presenter: Linda Henley-Smith, Speaker/Trainer, “For the Good Times” Programs

MiSTEM Network: Reimagine Talent Development and Learning Spaces
Business, education and community partners across the state are embarking on a journey to create a MiSTEM Network, making Michigan a leader in STEM education and workforce development. The foundation of the network is built upon creating a STEM culture, empowering educators, integrating business with education and ensuring high quality STEM experiences. This presentation will highlight multiple ways innovation is happening across the state using various partnerships to facilitate change.
Presenters: Megan Schrauben, Executive Director, MiSTEM Network, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity; Rashell Bowerman, Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Education; Drea Weiner, MiSTEM Network Regional Director, MiSTEM Network; Kristen Zagorski, MiSTEM Network Regional Director, MiSTEM Network

Most Effective WIOA Partner Strategies
This session will demonstrate the collaborative working relationship between core WIOA partners Michigan Rehabilitation Services (State Vocational Rehabilitation) and various Michigan Works! organizations across the state. Services provided include, but are not limited to, the following: Apprenticeships, Disability Awareness Training, Work Site Evaluations, Physical Demands Analysis, Internships, Retention Services, Guidance and Counseling, Self-Advocacy, Medical Restoration, etc. Case examples will to offer strategies of services provided to business customers and job seekers that lead to successful training and employment outcomes for both WIOA stakeholders. 
Presenters: Nacsha Ealy, Business Relations Consultant, MRS-Business Network Division; Sherry Kless, Assistant Manager, Michigan Works! Oak Park; Jenny Piatt, Division Director, LEO-MRS; Cheryl Schubeck, Program Coordinator, Oakland County Michigan Works! Troy; Lisa Kisiel, Director of Field Services - Bureau of Services for Blind Persons 

People without Jobs, Jobs without People: Making Connections That WORK!
This exciting session will feature the success of employer-led collaboratives in connecting employers, education, workforce development, community organizations and government. This demand-driven collaboration results in recruitment, training, and education that combine to ensure employers have people who are trained and ready to become successful workers.  Josh Williams, Talent Pipeline System Leader for the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center, will share Kentucky’s vision in building an extensive, statewide network of employer-led collaboratives for different industries.  Valerie Jemerson, Talent Development Liaison, will share plans for utilizing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative to build Michigan’s network of regional employer-led collaboratives.   
Presenters: Valerie Jemerson, Talent Development Liaison, State of Michigan; Josh Williams, Talent Pipeline System Leader, Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center

Ten in 30
4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

You Are the Cyber-Scam Target. Want to Know More?
Cyber threats are on the rise. YOU are the TARGET. This session will provide information to help you identify the common tricks the bad guys use to con you out of your information or money.  Learn tips to guard against these threats and resources, helping you to maintain your position as a human firewall. Attendees will hear real-life lessons learned from the experiences of an organization that fell victim to a cyber scam.
Presenters: Bill Hellar, Chief Information Officer, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!; Kellie Stewart, System Support Specialist, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

Hop Around Kalamazoo Bus Tour
Additional ticket purchase required, must be 21 to attend.
5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


Tuesday, September 10

Continental Breakfast
7:30 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Workshops Round 6
8:15 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Advanced OSMIS Training
Join us for an in-depth look at recent and future OSMIS system changes.  Attendees will receive updates and provide feedback on the OSMIS Case Management project as well.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about advanced OSMIS topics including how to most effectively utilize the newly released Participant Reports, case management strategies, and recent OSMIS changes related to the Food Assistance Employment & Training program. BROL - Bring your own laptops to follow along (optional).
Presenters: Tammy Flynn, Management Information System Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development; Steve Roodvoets, OSMIS Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development

Creative Culture: Infusing Creativity Into Your Workplace
In today's environment, we're constantly being asked to do more with less. This can lead to exhausted employees and workplaces that feel like a giant raincloud is permanently parked above the office. This session will teach you how to infuse creativity into your workplace to enhance culture, increase smiles, inspire innovative ideas and ultimately help you better serve your clients and community.
Presenter: Kate Snyder, Principal Strategist and Owner, Piper & Gold Public Relations

Leadership Breakfast & Presentation (Invite Only): Workforce and Human Services Interagency Collaboration
WIOA strengthened both the requirements and the opportunity for collaboration between the Human Services and Workforce systems. This collaboration is necessary, especially for those with multiple barriers to employment. Childcare, transportation, substance abuse treatment and other supports can be coordinated to fully support individuals and families and increase successful employment rates.  Federal Regional Administrators Christine Quinn (DOL/ETA – Region 5) and Angela Green (HHS/Administration for Children and Families - Regions 5 & 7) share their experiences in crafting joint efforts in the areas of Human Services and Workforce Development. This unique workshop explores promising practices from around the country, discusses perceived barriers to coordination and identifies activities and techniques that senior leadership can use to achieve effective collaboration among partner agencies. 
Presenters: Angela Green, Regional Administrator, Administration for Children and Families; Christine Quinn, Regional Administrator, Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration

Paper Cuts & Lemon Juice: Experiencing Micro-Trauma in the Workplace and How to Cope
The wounds we experience on a daily basis, as professionals and service providers, may often seem small and insignificant compared to those we work with. But like a series of paper cuts, these micro-traumas add up and eventually take their toll. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of compounding micro-trauma and cope with it more effectively will make you not only a better provider for others and a more effective coworker, but it will also help you to be a more engaged family member, present friend and kinder soul to the very person we most often to forget to be there for: ourselves.
Presenters: Kirk Latimer, Educational Director and Co-Founder, Kinetic Affect; Gabriel Giron, Co-Founder, Kinetic Affect

Resume Writing Strategies to Help Your Clients Succeed
The purpose of a resume is to get an interview! Find out what will help your clients' resume get into the hands of hiring managers and leave them thinking that your client is a top contender for the position.  Attendees will learn the facts about how resumes are evaluated, resume development and improvement strategies and the importance of KEYWORDS. Also covered are the appropriate choices for resume sections, formats and styles.
Presenters: Sunshine Plato, Career Advisor, Michigan Works! Southeast; Patty Sudbay, Employment Counselor, Michigan Works! Southeast

Road Construction Career Pathway-MDOT On-the-Job Training Program
Join a partnership panel of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Contractors, Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA), the Workforce Development Agency, and Michigan Works! organizations around the state, as they discuss working together on a streamlined pathway to in-demand road construction careers specific to the MDOT On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. Lean what has been accomplished by promotion and outreach at the local level to individuals who meet the requirement of the OJT, a single application statewide and developing a statewide training program similar to "Access for All".
Presenters: James Fults, Talent Development Liaison, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development; PaHoua Schroder, Workforce Development Analyst, Michigan Department of Transportation; Ken Bertonlini, Director of Workforce Development, Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association; Heather Smith, Marketing Director, Michigan Construction

Top 10 Innovative, Cost-Efficient Marketing Trends
Funding and access to innovative techniques is a common challenge faced by public sector organizations looking to implement effective and sustainable marketing campaigns. Güd Marketing, in partnership with many public sector entities, has successfully implemented award-winning innovative awareness marketing campaigns on a shoe-string budget. We will provide ten innovative, actionable steps for organizations to bring their communications plans to life in a way they never thought they could. 
Presenters: Michelle Ntoko, Account Supervisor, Güd Marketing; Emmie Musser, Director of Media Strategy, Güd Marketing

Welcome to the Improv--The Generational Improv
Circle this workshop session on your to-do list! Come, participate and enjoy a fun-filled, laughter-guaranteed, comedy-centric workshop dedicated to workforce development professionals who work to secure employment opportunities for all generations. We will explore the unique characteristics of four generational groups: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, and Millennials in real-time job interview sketches based on actual events. At first glance, many of us are quick to dismiss others that differ from us based on characteristics that are assigned to these four groups. But the reality is that all four groups represent a driving force in today's workplace.
Presenters: Lisa Knight, Director, Center for Health, Wellness, and Youth, Grand Rapids Urban League; Montel Pierre, Employment Services Coordinator – Muskegon County, Grand Rapids Urban League; Joshua Harris, Data Specialist, Center for Employment and Workforce Development, Grand Rapids Urban League; Robert Gilewski, Grand Rapids Urban League

WIOA: A Key to Registered Apprenticeship Expansion
Significant talent shortages and skill gaps are slowing companies' efforts to expand, innovate and thrive in Michigan and across the country. Registered Apprenticeship (RA) is a proven solution for recruiting, training, and retaining world-class talent. Michigan Works! plays an important role in RA expansion with support of on-the-job training and related technical instruction for RA programs in high-demand industries and in-demand occupations. This session will highlight the opportunities to support RA programs under the WIOA. The primary focus of the session will be on sharing practical knowledge regarding assisting RA programs with placement on Michigan Training Connect and One-Stop Management Information System data entry requirements.
Presenters: Kevin Chau, Apprenticeship Specialist, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development; Dave Jackson, Apprenticeship Training Representative, United State Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship; Evelyn Szpiet, Manager of Apprenticeships & Business Resources Networks, Northwest Michigan Works!; Krista Johnson, Division Administrator, Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity—Workforce Development

Ten in 30
9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Transforming Employer Culture to Reduce Turnover
Many organizations are facing the challenge of attracting and retaining the right talent to execute their mission, largely because candidates are increasingly attracted to a workplace based on its culture and employer brand. This presentation will help attendees understand why company culture is critical for long-term financial success and why it's important to create a culture that fits in with the business mission.  Presented in a dynamic and interactive forum, participants will be provided with 10 practical and easy-to-implement tools on how to transform a culture and attract top performers, keep them motivated and ensure they stay.
Presenter: Jim Bitterle, Managing Partner, EDSI

Closing Session: Keynote, Award Presentation & Prize Drawing
9:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

When Generations Connect: Communicating Across Generational Divides
Four distinct generations are working together shoulder to shoulder, each with a unique set of attitudes, values and work styles. It used to be that older workers were bosses and younger ones took orders. Now, roles are all over the board and rules are being rewritten. Organizations are feeling the pain of generations as they struggle to manage productivite and morale while maintaining high standards of quality and service in a challenging economy. When Generation Connect demonstrates not only why it's important to undrstand what shaped the generations, but why they behave the way they do, you'll find out how generation gaps hit the bottom line. Learn what to do about the approaching talent gap; grasp the keys to retaining the generations you need most; and discover how to conver this form of diversity from an obstacle to an opportunity.
Presenter: Phil Gwoke, Bridgeworks