Michigan Works! Annual Conference







Sunday, September 10

11:00 - 4:00 

The Break Room
12:00 - 4:00 

Inside Politics
1:00 - 2:30

Join us for a deep dive into federal and state legislation affecting workforce efforts in Michigan and nationwide. Budget policies adopted today—at the local, state and federal level—will continue to impact our ability to invest in and advocate for the workforce system for years to come. During this interactive session, leaders from state workforce associations share Michigan's vision for the future of talent and economic development and their roles in making that vision a reality. Attendees gain insight on legislative priorities and their impact, collective federal advocacy efforts and diverse state perspectives.

Panelists: Peter Ruddell, Partner, RWC Advocacy; Chris Andresen, Vice President, Grayling; Bob Lanter, Executive Director, California Workforce Association; Melinda Mulawka Mack, Executive Director, New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals

Moderator: Luann Dunsford, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Works! Association

Workshops Round 1
1:15 - 2:30  

Roadmap to Success: Michigan Education and Career Pathfinder

Find out how the Talent Investment Agency's newest online career exploration tool, Pathfinder, can help students, parents, counselors and others find roadmaps to education, training and career success. Using real-time information to show ROI on education and training opportunities, Pathfinder helps users make more informed decisions about their options for a successful future.

  • Presenters: Amy Hiltunen, Administrative Manager, Outreach Services, Michigan Talent Investment Agency; Scott Powell, Director of Research, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives

The Missing Piece to CTE Programs: Employment Success

Learn more about student preparation and the use of employer input to ensure needs are addressed through Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. These interactions facilitate learning, conversation, and collaborative partnerships to provide a driving force behind curriculum. With a focus on efforts between workforce development, CTE programming, employers, and economic development partnerships, attendees will learn how to prepare students for the workforce by providing career readiness skills that align curriculum with business needs.

  • Presenters: Lauren Cornett, Research & Education Coordinator, Michigan Works! Southeast; Kristyn Nichelson, Career Advisor, Michigan Works! Southeast

Skilled Trades Training Fund 

Are you responsible for meeting with employers or partners to discuss STTF, submitting applications, or responsible for administering a STTF grant? Do you have a basic understanding of STTF and want to learn more? Join us to learn more about new enhancements to the Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) program for Fiscal Year 2018. You’ll hear from a panel of state / local representatives regarding common challenges and strategies.

  • Presenters: Patty Vanaman, Work-Based Learning Specialist, Michigan Talent Investment Agency, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning; Deb Lyzenga, Regional Director, Business Solutions, West Michigan Works!; Kristen Wenzel, Chief Operations Officer, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!; Marcie Alling, Work-Based Learning Analyst, Michigan Talent Investment Agency, Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning

Clean Slate: Expunging Records. Removing Barriers.

Join us to discuss successes and barriers related to the Clean Slate Mini-Grant, a resource provided through Peckham that has assisted individuals with removing over 30 criminal convictions in the last three years. Discussion topics include eligibility for expungement, expectations and process, myths and common questions.

  • Presenters: Chad Behl, Instructor/Community Specialist, Peckham, Inc.; Janice Hardman, Career Coach, Peckham, Inc.

Becoming Excellent: Understanding the Animal Within

As we equip our clients and selves with massive amounts of employment information, there may be an unconscious battle with character recognition – and an individual’s distinct character should never be ignored. This energizing and interactive workshop will expand your views of learning through personality assessment and establishing values.  Attendees will uncover their true character in relation to building networks of various personas, interest, and behaviors.

  • Presenter: Mario Brown, Employment Trainer, GST Michigan Works!

The Bootcamp Approach to Reengaging Out-Of-School Youth

Join us to learn how to get individuals involved and motivated while still having fun. Discover how to use a boot camp approach to help out-of-school youth reengage and skill up by focusing on soft skills, study skills and life skills needed to make a successful transition into jobs, training, and independent living. Engage youth in a college setting with micro-bursts of targeted learning, through evaluating current skills, introducing the connection between school-career-life and personal well-being and help individuals see how they can use all their different experiences as a stepping stone to achieve gainful employment with a career goal in mind.

  • Presenter: Anna Graf Williams, Ph.D., President, Learnovation, LLC

Break - The Break Room 
2:30 - 3:15 

Annual Meeting (Invite Only)
3:00 - 3:30 

Workshops Round 2
3:15 - 4:30 

MEDC Business Attraction Process

Economic development activities are crucial to job creation and driving Michigan's economy forward by attracting new business. Talent is a key issue for those businesses as they consider locating to Michigan. This session will provide an overview of the steps involved in a typical economic development attraction project and discuss the players needed for and involved in each step and tactic.

  • Presenters: Beth Colosimo, Senior Project Manager, Michigan Economic Development Corporation; Valerie Hoag, Senior Vice President, Michigan Talent Team, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

WIOA 2.0 – Realizing the Opportunity to be Innovative

So we’ve implemented the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, now what? As WIOA implementation draws to a close, what are the key next steps we need to consider to ensure we remain innovative?  Join us for an overview of federal and state guidance, tools and resources and a discussion of opportunities.

  • Presenter: Krista Johnson, Adult Services Section Manager, Michigan Talent Investment Agency

Celebrating Michigan’s Apprenticeship Success

Join us as we highlight successes from the first year of Michigan’s ApprenticeshipUSA Industry Cluster Approach Grant as well as progress and innovations toward Michigan’s overall apprenticeship goals and strategies. Grantees will demonstrate where they are in their grant implementation process and show the impact that funding has had on their ability to help employers hire apprentices and achieve awareness in their region. Projects from the base proposal and employer incentive proposal will be highlighted. Additionally, you will hear an overview regarding AppreticeshipUSA nationally and learn other ways the Talent Investment Agency is investing in and promoting registered apprenticeships.

  • Presenters: Danielle Waddell, Federal Project Officer, US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration - Region 5; Lauren Clay, Specialist, WD – Work-Based Learning, Michigan Talent Investment Agency; Jayne Lindblom, Apprenticeship Success Coordinator, West Michigan Works!; Kara Stewart, Apprenticeship Success Coordinator, Michigan Works! Southwest; Collin Mays, Apprenticeship Success Coordinator, Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!; Liz Rivard, Program Manager, Industry 4.0 Partnerships & Talent, Automation Alley

Welcoming Customers with Disabilities: What does that look like in 2017?

It’s been 27 years since the signing of the ADA, yet people with disabilities continue to face barriers in the community be they physical, communication, attitudinal or technological. Studies show that 1 in 5 individuals has a disability and this is the largest growing minority group in our country, cutting across race, age, religion, gender and socio-economic status. Hear best practices for ensuring access to the programs and services offered by the workforce system, including the use of technology - which can increase access for persons with disabilities if done right or become a barrier if done wrong.  

  • Presenter: Peter Berg, Project Coordinator of Technical Assistance, Great Lakes ADA Center

Creating Sustainable Information Technology Careers for Unemployed and Underemployed Americans

Attend this workshop to learn more about the development and deployment of IT-Ready, a philanthropic information technology training / placement program aimed at the un- and underemployed. Since inception, IT-Ready has launched more than 1,500 careers using a model that screens, trains and certifies motivated candidates with an aptitude for technology. IT-Ready goes beyond many workforce development programs by recruiting employers in key markets so that graduates have interview opportunities after completing their course of training. This “apprenticeship” aspect has been a pivotal factor in IT-Ready’s success.

  • Presenter: Andrea McMillian, Manager, Workforce Strategy and Innovation, Creating IT Futures

Region 4 Adult Education and West Michigan Works!: Creating Connections and Breaking Barriers

Region 4 Adult Education providers and West Michigan Works! are creating connections and engaging partners to break academic and employment barriers. Join us to learn more about how we’re leveraging each other’s strengths for unified, high-impact services to better serve adults and youth throughout our area.

  • Presenters: Brittany Lenertz, Regional Service Center Director, West Michigan Works!; Patricia Walstra, Region 4 Adult Education Consultant, Kent Intermediate School District

Panel Discussion
3:30 - 4:30

Expert Panel: Labor Force Participation & Re-engagement of the Adult Workforce

Michigan has identified significant challenges in talent pipeline development for key industries that will determine our state’s future economy and prosperity. Much of Michigan’s focus is on youth and pipeline development through CTE programs, skilled trades programs and STEM education. But Michigan also has challenges and opportunities to address with its adult, working-age population with regard to skills needed today and in the future, and with labor participation rates. This panel will discuss vital issues surrounding leveraging and upskilling all of Michigan’s talent for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

  • Panelists:  Paula Cunningham, State Director, AARP Michigan; Heather Garretson, Criminal Justice Researcher and Consultant, Reentry Resources; Paul Mulka, Division Director, Michigan Career and Technical Institute, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Department of Health and Human Services, State of Michigan; Jason Palmer, Director, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, State of Michigan; Kevin Stotts, President, Talent 2025
  • ModeratorCharlie Mahoney, Owner & President, Four-M Associates, LLC and Board Chair, Michigan Works! Association

Leadership Connection with Christine Quinn (Invite Only)
5:00 - 6:30 

Opening Reception
6:30 - 8:30 

DJ on the Casino Floor
8:30 - 10:30


Monday, September 11

Continental Breakfast
7:30 - 8:00

8:00 - 4:00 

OPENING SESSION: Awards Presentation
8:00 - 9:45 

The Break Room
9:45 - 4:00 

Coffee Break - The Break Room
9:45 - 10:15 

Workshops Round 3 – Great Practice Showcase
10:15 - 11:30 

SESSION CANCELLED - The Texas Model: Alignment for Results

Due to the tragedy unfolding in Texas, our presenters are unable to be at the Conference. Thank you for your understanding.

Directors from two of the largest workforce boards in Texas will discuss their 20-year journeys toward a truly integrated workforce system.  State legislation in the mid-1990’s created boards and gave them responsibility for multiple workforce-related funding streams, betting on the boards’ ability to deliver a ready workforce for their local areas.  Nearly all available fund streams touching workforce, training, and jobs are part of the Board's strategic planning, oversight and administration - a list more extensive than WIOA.  Our two presenters will describe boards’ common purpose, profile the options currently achieving workforce results, and offer snapshots from their journeys. Texas workforce boards comply with federal and state legislation; meet state, federal and local measures; and most importantly, support the economy by meeting the talent needs of employers.  Got any questions? Please join us for an interactive session.

  • Presenters: Laurie Bouillion Larrea, President/CEO, Workforce Solutions, Greater Dallas; Mike Temple, Director, Gulf Coast Workforce Board-Workforce Solutions

Summer 17 – A Community Response to Youth Unemployment

Although Washtenaw County is one of the most prosperous counties in Michigan, the city and township of Ypsilanti do not share this wealth. About 45% of all Ypsilanti youth live below the poverty level, with a high school graduation rate of 66%. Learn how Michigan Works! Southeast is working with the University of Michigan, county government, community organizations and businesses to provide summer job opportunities and enrichment activities for youth, funded largely by the private sector. This effort is providing important career exploration opportunities while showing how a community can begin to address chronic unemployment and poverty by working together.

  • Presenter: Shamar Herron, Deputy Director, Michigan Works! Southeast; Shana Collins, Youth Career Advisor, Michigan Works! Southeast; Julia Weinert, Assistant Directory, University of Michigan Poverty Solutions; Sara Saylor, University of Michigan Ginsburg Center

Talent Pipeline Development: Strategies for Creating a Talent Pipeline

Oakland County Michigan Works!, in partnership with economic development and education partners, has embarked on several talent pipeline development initiatives to help grow talent in advanced manufacturing, apprenticeships, and connected mobility. This session will provide learners with real-life examples and best practices to help expand the talent pipeline, including Manufacturing Day, Apprenticeship guides, websites, Counselor Awareness event and more.

  • Presenters: Jennifer Llewellyn, Director, Oakland County Michigan Works! Agency; Cynthia Scherphorn, CFE Instruction, Resource and Career Development Consultant, Oakland School ISD

Regional Early College Partnerships

Join us to hear from a panel of 2016-17 Michigan Department of Education Excellence in Practice award winning intermediate school districts as they discuss Early College (EC) programs. These innovative workforce solutions are meeting employer demand for skilled talent. Learn about partnerships, successful programs, how to inventory and leverage a region’s existing workforce /educational resources, establishing and maintaining key partnerships and more.

  • Presenters: Terry Vandercook, Director of Operations, Northwest Michigan Works!, Networks Northwest; Meghan Howell, Early College Program Director, Wexford Missaukee ISD; Mark Lagerway, Director of Extension Programs and Services, Baker College of Cadillac; Meredith Schmidt, Early College Program Coordinator, Traverse Bay Area ISD; Jim Cooper, Early College Coordinator, Charlevoix-Emmet ISD

Connecting Talent to Employers, the LEAN Approach

Take a LEAN approach on connecting employment-ready job seekers to in-demand job opportunities through the Workforce Development System. Hear how West Michigan Works! pinpointed the waste and implemented visual management boards to expedite jobs filled and provide talent to area employers. Learn how the Business Solutions Unit and Front Line Staff are working together to identify job seekers’ interests and skills and match them with hard-to-fill positions through continuous communication and intentional actions. 

  • Presenters: Tasha Evans, Policy Manager, West Michigan Works!; Jared Schuitema, Assistant Manager Business Solutions, West Michigan Works!

Workforce Innovation: Talent Attraction, Retention and Development through ERNs

Employee retention is a key concern to businesses statewide. To address this critical issue, the Upjohn Institute and West Michigan Team partnered on a proposal to grow and strengthen Employer Resource Networks (ERN) across Southwest Michigan. The ERN project was one of eleven proposals across the nation chosen by USDOL’s Workforce Innovation Fund, and received a $3 million grant to implement their innovative workforce development programming. Since 2016, the Southwest Michigan ERN has been working to impact retention at companies across the region. Join us to learn how this partnership is transforming the conversation on talent, retention, and career development.

  • Presenters: Kelli Adams, Lead Success Coach, Workforce Innovation Fund, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research; James VanderHulst, CEO, Michigan ERN

Public Infrastructure - The Hidden Jobs Sector

Public infrastructure spending projects provide windows of opportunity to train your local residents for career path jobs. Effective partnerships with local construction trades unions and their affiliated building trades councils are a key ingredient in confecting a win-win with these projects. Learn from professionals in both Workforce Development and Organized Labor how you can take advantage of what’s already occurring in your local area.

  • Presenters: Blake Konczal, Executive Director, Fresno (CA) Regional Workforce Development Board; Chuck Riojas, Secretary-Treasurer, Building Trades Council of Fresno, MaderaKingsgs and Tulare Counties

LUNCH SESSION: Keynote Speaker, Awards Presentation
11:30 - 1:15 

Governor's Talent Investment Board (GTIB) Meeting 
1:30 - 3:30 

Governor’s Talent Investment Board Panel

This panel will further discuss the impact of technological advances and artificial intelligence on society, the future of the workforce, and the skills needed for the jobs of the future. Hear from higher education research experts, Michigan’s US legislators, AI industry representatives and a well-known national futurist speaker about what the future holds and how our workforce system will need to respond.

  • Panelists: Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, Event Catalyst, Keynote Speaker; Dr. Benjamin Kuipers, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan; Elaina Farnsworth, CEO, Mobile Comply; Stephen Couchman, President/CEO, Live Picture, LLC
  • Moderator: Ben Damerow, Director, Michigan Works! Southwest

Ten in 30
1:30 - 2:00

10 Strategies to Transform Your Social Into a Service

By now, we all know it's important to use social media. But what if we stopped using social to promote ourselves and started using it to actually deliver services to people right where they are and when they need it. How would that change our ability to reach more people with fewer resources? Join us to learn 10 strategies to transform your social media from a marketing tool into a resource that helps you impact customers and change lives.

  • Presenter: Kate Snyder, APR, Principal Strategist and Owner, Piper & Gold Public Relations

Workshops Round 4
1:30 - 2:45

Addressing the Soft Skills Gap: What’s Working in West Michigan

Soft skills are necessary and in high-demand … how can we respond? Learn how West Michigan Works! partnered with employers across industries to create a soft skills solution for job seekers and businesses. Presenters will share key soft skills lacking in various client groups, the most important soft skills competencies employers want job seekers to know (and the workforce development system to teach), the essential ingredients of an effective soft skills solution and what's working in West Michigan.

  • Presenters: Linden Peterson, Talent Development Instructor, West Michigan Works!; Elisabeth Sanders-Park, Coach, Trainer, Author, The Workplace Excellence Team

Offender Success: Regional Alignment Panel Discussion

Learn how the Michigan Department of Corrections has taken a regional approach to Offender Success. Panelists will highlight innovative Offender Success efforts that are in alignment with achieving vital outcomes in job placement, job retention and lower return to prison rate. Topics of discussion include statewide job development initiatives, leadership from the Vocational Village regarding pipeline development solutions and programming to leverage job development.

  • Presenters: Derek Knuth, Director of Offender Services, Kinexus; Ryan Powell, Workforce Development Specialist, Michigan Department of Corrections; James Fults, Employment Counselor, Vocational Village, Richard Handlon Correctional Facility; Angie Sprank, Offender Success Community Coordinator, Region 4, Michigan Works! West Central; Natalie Rindlisbacher, Offender Success Community Coordinator, Region 2, Networks Northwest

Engaging Today’s Youth to Build Our Talent Pipeline

Learn how to engage students in order to get them interested and aware of the workforce opportunities in their backyard. Join us to learn how to provide education and outreach opportunities on in-demand occupations, career pathways and options that might have been missed in the process. Discussion will include details, logistics and feedback on successful regional Student Career Expos.

  • Presenter: Alicia Wallace, Marketing & PR Coordinator, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium

Connecting Students to Career Opportunities

Connecting students to a career path is the focus of a new program from Wayne RESA. Combining hundreds of career exploration, job search and educational resources with trained career counselors, students will be exposed to programs, schooling and other help to assist in identifying a viable career much sooner in their education. Learn how this program seeks to help students succeed while also helping businesses fill the “pipeline” to good jobs.

  • Presenters: Donna McDowell, Workforce Development Project Coordinator, Wayne RESA; Randy Liepa, Superintendent, Wayne RESA

Making the Difference with Millennials

Do you know the secret for connecting to millennials? This energetic session will reveal key skills for personal and professional well-being for yourself, team and clients. Just imagine unlocking the mystery of generations in the workplace and being able to tap into the magic of their generational professional and personal style. Learn how to leverage the five key areas of well-being: 1) Purpose-driven, 2) Socially healthy, 3) Financial thriving, 4) Engaging in the community, 5) Having physical energy and health. Congratulate yourself for being open, curious, and willing to be leading in a world where our only choice is to “learn and adapt or be scheduled for extinction.”

  • PresenterAnna Graf Williams, President, Learnovation, LLC

Secrets from a Seasoned Recruiter

Shhhh, this is what an employer (at least Zingerman’s) really wants from job seekers.  In this session you’ll hear secrets you can use to facilitate a successful job search. After nine years of hiring at Zingerman’s, Tracie knows the pain points for employers (and job seekers!) and she’ll share her top 4 tips to get an employer’s attention during the hiring process. Learn how to help your job seeker clients be successful in landing great employment!

PresenterTracie Wolfe, Recruiting Specialist, Department For People, Zingerman's Community of Business

Ten in 30
2:15 - 2:45

9 Tips for Effective Emails

Feel like you're in a constant state of distraction? You're not alone! The abundance of information in the online world can make it impossible for organizations to cut through the noise and connect with audiences. This session will help you craft more effective emails while equipping you with the right communications tools to make an impact. 

Presenter: Veronica Gracia-Wing, Senior Strategist, Piper & Gold Public Relations

Snack Break - The Break Room
2:45 - 3:00 

Workshops Round 5
3:00 - 4:15

A Path to Good-Paying Careers for All Michiganders in a 21st Century Economy

For the first time in Michigan's history, it is a low prosperity state with a strong auto industry. Michigan is eleven percent below the national average in per capita income. Forty percent of Michigan households can't afford the basic necessities of housing, childcare, food, health care and transportation. As technology continues to make our lives easier and provide modern conveniences, technological advances will drastically impact both the skills needed to be successful in a 21st-century workforce and the number of workers needed. Explore these challenges, and how educational attainment, education policy, class, financial inequity, quality of life, ever-changing skill demands and automation will present new challenges in the decades to come. 

Presenter: Lou Glazer, President, Michigan Future Inc.

Partnering to Develop a Diverse Workforce – Making Business Sense

Learn about customized business solutions that are available to assist you in understanding and implementing WIOA legislation. Experts from Michigan Rehabilitation Services will provide free consultation services and information to determine reasonable accommodations, recruitment/retention solutions and in building partnerships to meet your needs.

  • Presenters: Jenny Piatt, Division Director, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS); Tonia Peterson, OTR, Acting Consultant Manager, Business Network Division, Michigan Rehabilitation Services; Don Dees, Consultant Business Manager, Business Network Division, Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Make the Mission Possible – By Joining Forces and Building Partnerships

Are limited resources or funding constraints restricting your ability to serve out-of-school youth? Are you looking for creative approaches to provide education and employment opportunities?  Learn how the Michigan Job Challenge Program and Youth Opportunities Unlimited/Michigan Works! Southwest has experienced resounding success by teaming up to provide education, training and job placement services to disconnected youth. Through partnerships and resource sharing, youth receive the skills and experience necessary to thrive in the workplace. Join us to learn practical tips on developing a comprehensive approach to workforce readiness and strategies for building a framework for success in your organization.

  • Presenters: Karen Carlisle, Director, Youth Opportunities Unlimited/Michigan Works! Southwest; LTC (RET) Jeff Connell, Director of Challenge Programs, Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs; Carol Clark, Director of Placement and Outreach, Michigan Job Challenge Program

Introduction to LVER Staff, Duties and Partnerships

This session is designed to help inform and educate our vast State of Michigan partners on the Local Veterans' Employment Representative (LVER) staff within the Veterans' Employment Services program. In the session, you’ll get acquainted with new LVER staff, connect with teams, resources and discuss the LVER roles, duties and effective ways they can work with business services teams to meet the employment needs of veterans.

  • Presenter: Dr. Rebecca D. Flemming, Regional Manager, State of Michigan, Veterans’ Employment Services

WIOA Partnership Best Practices: Adult Education

Oakland County Michigan Works!, Oakland Community College and Oakland County Adult Education have combined efforts to provide a continuum of education and career services for students in Adult Education Programs throughout Oakland County. Hear best practices that ensure seamless communication and services between all three organizations and provide the students and career seekers with all of the available resources needed for continuing education, career pathways as well as career placement.

  • Presenters: Pamela Bellaver, Supervisor, Oakland County Michigan Works! Ferndale; Laurie Trafton, Program Manager, Economic and Workforce Development, Oakland Community College; Tammy Brown, Career Focused Education Supervisor, Oakland Schools; Mary Thomas, Counselor, Oakland Community College

WIOA: Key Elements for Oversight and Management of Local Areas and Sub-Recipients

Calling all state, local areas and sub-recipients of federal WIOA funds – learn how to effectively provide oversight through monitoring. This interactive session will use real-life examples of best practices to provide tools and strategies for local areas and sub-recipients to self-monitor their programs based on the compliance needs of the state.

  • Presenter: Thomas C. DiLisio, Regional Grant Officer, Division of Financial Management & Administrative Services, US Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration

Cyber Security: Protect Your Agency and Address Industry Demand

Cyber security skills are in demand. Through the work of the Capital Area IT Council, learn about how the need for cyber security professionals is impacting the IT job market and how to protect your organization from cyber attack.

  • Presenter: Andrea Ragan, Executive Director, Capital Area IT Council

GTIB Reception (Invite Only) 
3:30 - 5:00 


Tuesday, September 12

Continental Breakfast
7:45 - 8:15 

Leadership Breakfast (Invite Only)
7:30 - 9:30 

For the first time in Michigan's history, it is a low prosperity state with a strong auto industry. Michigan is eleven percent below the national average in per capita income. Forty percent of Michigan households can't afford the basic necessities of housing, childcare, food, health care and transportation. As technology continues to make our lives easier and provide modern conveniences, technological advances will drastically impact both the skills needed to be successful in a 21st-century workforce and the number of workers needed. Lou Glazer, President of Michigan Future, Inc. will provide policy recommendations and discuss these challenges, including how educational attainment, education policy, class, financial inequity, quality of life, ever-changing skill demands and automation will present new challenges in the decades to come. 

Presenter: Lou Glazer, President, Michigan Future Inc.

8:00 - 9:00 

Workshops Round 6
8:30 - 9:45 

Making the Most of the WIOA Manual

Due to the volume of information released from our partners at USDOL, the WIOA Draft Manual has been updated to include all relevant Federal guidance released prior to July 1, 2017.  This session will highlight significant clarifications, changes and added resources.

  • Presenters: Chelsea Mates, Youth Services Specialist, Michigan Talent Investment Agency; Janice Cooper, Adult Services Specialist, Michigan Talent Investment Agency; Maggie Sayles, Dislocated Services Specialist, Michigan Talent Investment Agency

Going PRO with Professional Trades

Is four more years right for every student? Today's professional trades offer opportunities that challenge both mind and body. Not only in traditional fields, like construction and advanced manufacturing, but also in new and emerging fields including healthcare, and IT. Attend this session to learn more about the pathway to employment in professional trades careers.

  • Presenters: Sammie Lukaskiewicz, Deputy Director, Marketing & Strategy, Michigan Department of Talent & Economic Development

Hey Competitor – Time to Hang Up Our Gloves in the Fight for Great Talent

Stop competing for the same resources and start collaborating!  What can we do today that builds the talent we need tomorrow? Information Technology, faster than any other industry, is moving at an amazing pace with an incredible gap in available talent.  Communities and competitors that can come together and work towards a shared outcome –developing, growing and influencing their industry. Attend this engaging and interactive session to learn how the Capital City is overcoming the talent shortages of tomorrow.

  • Presenter: Said Taiym, Senior Vice President and CIO, AF Group

How to Find “Hidden” Workforce Development Funding

This workshop will present new research that will allow workforce agencies to increase their effectiveness in capturing Michigan foundation grants. Developing exemplary workforce development services requires resources. At the same time, federal and state workforce development funding has been shrinking for years. On the other hand, grants made last year by 2,500 Michigan foundations has been increasing and last year, totaled over $800 million. However – 90% of these foundations don’t publish application guidelines or have websites, yet they make the majority of all grants made in Michigan. Join us to learn more about how you can apply for - and be successful in - the grant application process.

  • Presenter: Edward Wollmann, Personal Grant Writing Coach, Michigan Grants Funding, Inc.

Employer Champions in Hiring Refugees

Identifying employer champions for hiring refugees may seem to be a daunting task, especially for an area that has historically not seen a refugee influx. Michigan Works! Southwest, in partnership with Bethany Christian Services, has been working closely with employers to develop a process to hire refugees and grow refugee populations within their organizations. Join us to learn more about their success and lessons learned in the process.

  • Presenters: Jennifer Klempnow, Business Services, W.E. Upjohn Institute/Michigan Works! Southwest; Mark McKeon, Job Developer, Bethany Christian Services


CLOSING SESSION - Keynote Speaker; Challenge Of Excellence Awards; Prize Drawing
10:00 -12:00